Below The Sunshine Bouquet

Bathed in Golden Rays with Royal Fleur's Below the Sunshine Bouquet

Imagine basking in the warm glow of a summer morning, surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of blooms. This is the essence of Royal Fleur Florist's Below the Sunshine Bouquet, a captivating arrangement where sunshine bursts forth in every petal.

A Dance of Golden Delight:

  • Tulips Unfurling: Radiant yellow tulips, their slender stems reaching for the sky, unfurl their cheerful petals, like sunbeams dancing on the breeze.
  • Hydrangea's Creamy Embrace: Lush, cloud-like hydrangeas in soft ivory cradle the tulips, adding a touch of ethereal elegance and calming contrast to the vibrant display.
  • Gerberas' Sun-Kissed Smiles: Dazzling yellow gerbera daisies, their cheerful faces aglow, dot the landscape, spreading laughter and warmth with every golden ray.
  • Orchid's Tropical Allure: A single phalaenopsis orchid, its delicate white petals adorned with a vibrant yellow lip, steals the spotlight, bringing a touch of the tropics and a hint of exotic sophistication.

More Than Just a Bouquet:

This masterpiece isn't just for birthdays or special occasions; it's a captivating way to bring the radiance of a summer's day indoors, illuminating any room with joy and vibrant energy. Perfect for a housewarming gift, a pick-me-up surprise, or simply a way to treat yourself to a touch of sunshine, "Below the Sunshine" will brighten any day.


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