Love Surrender Bouquet

Unveil a mesmerizing display of love and serenity! This breathtaking arrangement features 18 vibrant red roses artfully arranged in a captivating helicoidal formation, symbolizing everlasting love and passion. A single elegant white rose sits at the center, representing purity and new beginnings. Cascading around this masterpiece are lush ti leaves and graceful lily grass, adding a touch of tranquility and natural elegance. Presented in a sleek glass vase, this exquisite bouquet is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and touch the recipient's heart.


  • 18 vibrant red roses arranged in a stunning helicoidal design
  • 1 captivating white rose at the center, symbolizing purity and elegance
  • Lush ti leaves for a touch of tropical flair and texture
  • Graceful lily grass adding a calming and natural element
  • Presented in a glass vase, adding a touch of sophistication

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