Speak for Themselves Bouquet

Unleash a symphony of love with Royal Fleur's Speak for Themselves Bouquet, a breathtaking arrangement where passion, joy, and timeless elegance intertwine. A dozen velvety red roses, each a symbol of burning desire and unwavering devotion, unfurl their petals in a captivating dance. Nestled amidst this crimson chorus are clusters of vibrant hypericum berries, their jewel-toned hues adding a touch of playful energy and rustic charm. Silvery strands of seeded eucalyptus weave gracefully throughout, providing a calming counterpoint and a touch of contemporary flair.

More Than Just Words:

  • Speak volumes without saying a word: This masterpiece lets the vibrant language of flowers express your deepest emotions, perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or simply a day to remind someone how much they're loved.
  • Freshly cut, long-lasting beauty: Bursting with life and intoxicating fragrance, these blooms promise to grace your loved one's space for days to come.
  • Expertly arranged: Our skilled florists curate each bouquet with artistry and care, ensuring a masterpiece that delights the eye and soul.
  • Same-day delivery in Marin County: Surprise your sweetheart with a burst of passion delivered straight to their door.
  • Personalized touches: Add chocolates, a handwritten card, or a cuddly companion to make your gift extra special and unforgettable.

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