Sunshine Daydream Bouquet

The Sunshine Daydream Bouquet is a radiant showcase of stunning sunflowers, designed to capture the attention of all who behold its bright beauty. This captivating bouquet features gorgeous sunflowers, complemented by accents of solidago, lily grass blades, and lush greens, creating a truly memorable arrangement. It's all thoughtfully presented in a clear glass tapered square vase, a vessel that beautifully complements the bouquet and sends your warmest wishes and highest hopes for the days ahead.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Sunflowers: The bouquet takes center stage with the radiant beauty of stunning sunflowers, known for their vibrant and cheerful appearance.
  • Artful Composition: The bouquet is artistically composed, blending sunflowers with complementary accents and lush greens for an eye-catching display.
  • Clear Glass Vase: The use of a clear glass tapered square vase adds an element of elegance, allowing the sunflowers to shine even brighter.
  • Warm Wishes and Hopes: This arrangement is designed to send your warmest wishes and convey high hopes for brighter days ahead.

Sunflowers may come with brown or yellow center

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