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My favorite arrangement ever!

My daughter ordered an arrangement for me for Mothers Day. I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I love pink and clearly she had requested mostly pink...

Perfect Wedding Flowers

Fabienne and Nicolas did an amazing job on our wedding. The flowers were absolutely perfect. They were better than I even imagined and I was thrilled...

Many Thanks

THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this order out so quickly on Friday! The recipient sent a text to the attorneys he knows here and he was VERY touched...

Calla Lilies in Glass Bubble Bowl Vase

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Capturing the essence of true elegance, this bouquet of silk white calla lilies is a simple arrangement of blooming beauty. A perfect fit for any style of room, this bouquet is presented in a clear glass bubble bowl vase with a liquid illusion to give it an undeniably realistic look. Approximately 15-inches in height.

Designer Choice
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